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Good Communication Promotes Positive Feedback On Ebay

Good communication is the key to encouraging your auction buyers to leave you positive feedback. Such communication also helps avoid most negative feedback on eBay.

1. Good Communication Prevents Misunderstandings

Good communication helps to avoid misunderstandings. For example, if surface shipping takes six to eight weeks but the customer doesn't know this, he may expect almost immediate delivery. When such quick delivery doesn't materialize, he may feel that he has been cheated or that your service is slow and poor.

Thus, try to spell out delivery time frames and other details as much as possible. Is your refund policy clear? Is your product clearly and accurately described in your auction ad? Does your product's quality meet or exceed the expectations created by your auction ad?

2. Prompt E-mail Response

If, for whatever reason, your e-mail response is slow, the customer may assume that you aren't delivering on your promises. Prompt e-mail communication can help reassure the customer and gives evidence of good customer service.

3. Encourage Queries

Basically, state in your auctions: "If you have any questions about this auction, please e-mail me." If a person is expecting instant delivery of an e-book but instead you send him the information via the postal service, he might be disappointed. Nip all such problems in the bud by encouraging your prospective buyers to ask questions.

4. Ask for Positive Feedback

How can you encourage buyers to leave positive feedback for you? Simply state that you'll leave positive feedback for them after you've received theirs.

Since they are leaving the feedback first, they will hesitate to leave you negative feedback, knowing that you may respond in kind. If you leave positive feedback for the buyer first, they may never return the favour.

5. Reversing Negative Feedback

With good communication, you can often avoid receiving negative feedback. Try to do everything that is reasonable to make your customer happy.

However, what if you do receive negative feedback on one of your auctions? What can you do about it?

Under certain, very limited circumstances (such as an extortion attempt), eBay might reverse negative feedback unjustly given to you. In most cases, however, eBay will not reverse negative feedback.

You can use eBay's "Mutual Feedback Withdrawal" procedure. This is where both the buyer and seller agree to withdraw negative feedback from each other. Thus, the negative feedback will be removed from both of your total scores (thus improving both feedback ratings).

The negative comments themselves won't be removed by eBay. However, your comments left in response to a negative feedback will also stay to tell your side of the story.

Yes, good communication can lead to more positive feedback from your auctions. Such communication can also help you to avoid and even reverse negative feedback. So, by all means, promote positive feedback on eBay through good communication.

Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Academic Thesis Statements Explained By Nick Sanders

Many people become confused with the numerous terms in academia; the difference between an essay and a report can also confuse many people, not just freshers. In order to fully understand what a thesis statement is, you will need to understand that it concentrates on a generalised topic and opinions.
The central topic of a thesis statement generally means that this paper is concerned around an individual topic and the author won't usually venture far, as can be found in a general essay or report. The key element of this paper will be to provide the reader with examples to prove an overall point.
Expert Author Nick SandersThe thoughts and understanding of the topic should be clearly established in the writing, as you the author, will want to paint a realistic picture of what you want to achieve through accurate analyses and definitive information, which will be reviewed in the research process of the paper.
The key element that you need to remember with this paper is that you need to have both contrast and control - you should be providing valid arguments and discussion of the topic/area, on the one side, and the paper should be well structured and planned on the other. You should lead your reader along a road to your understanding and scope of the paper.
Also, you should have a central theme to the paper, as well as specific areas that the paper looks into and analyses. You will need to plan and execute the thesis statement well, in order to understand the whole process. If you plan and execute the paper well, then the rest of your thoughts, understanding, and actual writing will fall into line. You should also remember that this type of paper is persuasive in nature and should lead the reader to a specific ending; your writing and conclusions need to look more realistic, but at the same time definitive.
An ideal view of a thesis statement would be to look at it as a paper that needs to be packed full of accurate and reliable data, which is easily verifiable by the reader; you will not want to write this crucial and critical paper placed on some un-found facts and opinions.
Being in full control of what you are writing and presenting to the reader is a must with this type of paper, and you can not afford to 'slip up' or make a mistake. Your professionalism is important here and you do not want to detract the reader from your understanding and ability to deliver on what you set out to do. If your writing looks unfocused and all over the place, then this will provide a haphazard appearance of your work.
You should take advice from lecturers and professors on the content, flow and clarity of your work, and especially if any comments are made on the structure of your work. If your structure isn't positive and linked together, then this can have negative affects on the reader's impression of what your thesis statement is going to achieve.
A thesis statement is also much of your own work and opinions, and you will be more than likely come into contact with people that will disagree categorically with what you have stated or written. You will need to be able to handle this criticism and opinionated argument, and face them with proof and understanding that what you have stated is true and reflective. Most of all, you will need to be able to 'stand your ground' through the writing in your thesis statement and when you are questioned verbally about your paper.
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Copywriters Using Article Marketing Need to Write More Articles By Lance Winslow

Most copywriters are quite busy and yet they need to continually be looking for their next job as they are working on their current one. This means they need to market their services and consider ways to get new clients who will pay them what they are worth.
There is a lot of competition in the copywriting business and some copywriters sell their services way too cheap. Often copywriters talk about this and wished that those who sell their services too cheap would at least consider the industry standards.
Expert Author Lance WinslowSome copywriters will seek online customers through writing online articles and use online article marketing strategies. This makes sense because it does a couple of things. First it allows the copywriter to display their creative and excellent writing skills. Secondly the byline at the bottom of the article can be linked to their web site so the person interested in buying copywriting services will see that and learn more about them.
Unfortunately, as I study the online article marketing Internet sub-sector, I have noted that many copywriters do not write that many articles. If they truly wish to have better customers and more of them, then they need to write more articles and put them online.
The more articles they write the greater the number of people will be clicking into their web site and asking questions and perhaps buying more services. If you want to succeed in copywriting using article marketing as a primary tool to attract new clients, then you need to write more articles. Please consider this in 2006.
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Article Marketing - How to Market a Home Catering Service With Article Writing By Darren K Chow

Those living in the cities and leading a busy lifestyle will understand this - there just isn't enough time in a single day! For this reason, many urban dwellers choose not to cook their own meals. Instead, they buy their meals from home catering services. Here is how you can promote a home catering service using a traditional marketing method - article writing.
Expert Author Darren K ChowTip 1: Write about the importance of eating nutritional meals.
Tip 2: Write about the importance of eating regular meals.
Tip 3: Write about mouth watering home cooked dishes.
Tip 1: Write about the importance of eating nutritional meals.
Let's face it - those who spend a lot of time out of their house trying to make a living are eating lots of junk food out there. Meals that consist primarily of fried chicken, french fries, and soft drinks. That is unhealthy eating. How about treating the body better with well balanced meals? Write about such issues and remind your customers to take good care of their health.
Tip 2: Write about the importance of eating regular meals.
When we get busy, what do we do? We start skipping meals. Then the body starts to protest by giving us problems - gastric pains, storing fat, falling sick, etc. To be more productive, you need to keep your energy levels consistent throughout the day. You can't do so if you eat irregular meals. For instance, stop working late and skipping meals. If you have work to do, go home and eat your meals. Then resume your work.
Tip 3: Write about mouth watering home cooked dishes.
Finally, you can show others how to prepare nutritional meals quickly. The primary goal is to show your readers that you (or your staff) possess great cooking skills. Most homeowners will just end up buying from you instead of preparing their own meals.
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Writing an Article - Latest 4 Comprehensive Ways to Writing an Article That Sells By Sean R Mize

If your primary goal in writing your articles is to get online users to buy your products and services then, this one is for you. In here, I'll teach you how to create persuasive articles that will help you win the business of your potential clients so, read on!
Expert Author Sean R Mize1. First thing to do is to figure out the problems or the most burning questions of your readers. These are the best topics to discuss on your articles. You see, the main reason why people go online is because they are looking for answers and solutions. So, give them exactly what they want and capture their attention in the process.
2. Offer in-depth information. Show your readers that you are an expert in your niche by giving them solid, in-depth information. Give them the best answers to their questions and help them figure out the best ways to solve their problems.
3. Do resort to hard selling. This is the biggest mistake that you can ever commit when writing your articles. You see, people are easily annoyed when they feel that they are being obligated to buy something. So, instead of making your articles sound like sales pitches, make them informative and useful as much as possible. Earn the trust and confidence of your readers first before you subtly mention the products or services that you sell.
4. Communicate the features and benefits of your products and services. Again, do this subtly. Be very careful not to make your articles sound like sales letters. Just tell your readers what your products can do and how they can possibly help them out.
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A Step by Step Guide for Writing Effective Articles By Cindy Garrido

Expert Author Cindy GarridoIf you've been marketing online long enough, you know just how important it is to write articles to promote yourself and your business. However, there are probably times you've written your articles, yet don't have anything to show for it. There's no one visiting your squeeze page, sales page, or anyone buying your products or services. Dejected, you may think that writing articles may be a waste of your time and energy. Well, I'm here to say that there are ways to ensure you spend your time creating effective articles: articles that get read, and where prospects move on to visit your website. Here's how to write effective articles.
Select any topic that is related to your line of work. This can be anything related to your line of business. For example, if you sell shirts online, the following topics may fit (get it, "fit").
- How to find shirt that fit
- The best brands of shirts for elegant outings
- How to choose the right shirt
- Different types of shirts
- Where to find bargains on certain kinds of shirts
- Etc..
Hopefully, you're getting the idea here. Simply focus on topics that you know people interested in your subject matter are asking about. Try and get into the habit of focusing on answering people's questions in your articles.
The title, or headline, is of the utmost importance. It's the difference between getting your article read, or having it be just another one of the articles your prospects filter through on a day to day basis. If your title doesn't stop your reader dead in his or her tracks, you'll never get them to read your article, or click on your link in your resource box, or visit your offer, and/or respond/purchase your products.
In other words, without a compelling title, you'll never make any money!
So, here are several suggestions of titles/headlines for your articles that are designed to stop a prospect from what they're doing and follow your offer all the way to them giving you money by buying your products or services.
- How to...
- The (3,7,9 choose a number) ways you can benefit from (your product's main benefit)
- The top (3,7,9 choose a number) keys to (something related to your subject matter)
- What do (something related to your product) need (like, love, hate, etc.) the most (least, worst, greatest, etc.)?
- What is the best (worst, hardest, lousiest, etc.) way to (something related to your product)
When you first begin to write titles for articles, it may be difficult at first, but you'll soon get the hang of it. In the beginning writing titles may feel a little unnatural, even awkward. But like anything, with practice and repetition, you'll soon get better at the process so that after your 100th or so title, the article titles will develop more easily.
So, don't just sit there, practice it right now. Sit down and write up 100 or so article titles. There no way to get good unless you practice (or pay someone hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to create the right title for you).
It's very important to organize your work, so that your article has a very natural structured flow. Now, this may be different with each article you write, but make sure that you've organized the article well so that readers will have an easy time digesting your information.
I typically like the to follow the structure of:
(1) tell them what you're going to tell them (introduction)
(2) tell them (body)
(3) tell them what you've just told them (conclusion)
I also like to use breaks, lines, and numbers to create a sense of organization in my articles.
I like to write in a conversational matter that comes out as easy and friendly. Don't worry, you're not writing for a scientific journal where you've have to write in perfect prose, with citations to all of your work (unless of course you've actually cited or quoted something). No, you're writing an informative article that, bottom line, is designed to build credibility and/or get them to click your links in your resource box.
So write like you're writing to a friend, and you are simply telling him or her about the information you'd like to get across. And typically you article should fall between 500-700 words for most article directories. Many article directories will not publish you if it's shorter than that. Further, many ezines may not publish your article if it's more than 700 words due it's length.
Your resource box in the life line towards success, and this is how you'll be able to build your business. If you've done your job, the reader is going to want to learn more by visiting your offers.
Simply go online and search the term "article directories" to find the most current list of article directories. Then signup with each one, and follow their specific instructions. When you're done, simply start submitting your article to each directory following their rules.
You'll soon discover that you'll start to receive some traffic from each article. Now traffic may come in spurts, and you may notice that the biggest traffic surges occur when some ezine or newsletter picks up your article for publication.
Let's see just how well your article is doing. If you've created a unique article, then chances are that before you wrote it, you wouldn't have been able to find it in the search engines. For instance, if my article was about "underwater ping pong" and I typed it into Google prior to writing it, I shouldn't be able to find anything. Now after writing the article, do the same thing... in other words, put quotes around your title and plug it into Google's search engine. If it comes up, then you may have an idea of just how many sites have linked to it. Although, I don't know how many people would be interested in "underwater ping pong."
So, to create effective articles that get read and where prospects ultimately visit your website will require that you choose a topic to write about, create a good title, organize your work, and write. Further, you'll have to add your resource box, submit to multiple article directories, and monitor your progress. And this isn't a one time affair. To be effective with article marketing means to consistently create articles that provides a never ending stream of prospects visiting your site. It may be time consuming, but remember, these articles often produce the best qualified leads, and at a very low cost - only your time, effort, and imagination.
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