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Academic Thesis Statements Explained By Nick Sanders

Many people become confused with the numerous terms in academia; the difference between an essay and a report can also confuse many people, not just freshers. In order to fully understand what a thesis statement is, you will need to understand that it concentrates on a generalised topic and opinions.
The central topic of a thesis statement generally means that this paper is concerned around an individual topic and the author won't usually venture far, as can be found in a general essay or report. The key element of this paper will be to provide the reader with examples to prove an overall point.
Expert Author Nick SandersThe thoughts and understanding of the topic should be clearly established in the writing, as you the author, will want to paint a realistic picture of what you want to achieve through accurate analyses and definitive information, which will be reviewed in the research process of the paper.
The key element that you need to remember with this paper is that you need to have both contrast and control - you should be providing valid arguments and discussion of the topic/area, on the one side, and the paper should be well structured and planned on the other. You should lead your reader along a road to your understanding and scope of the paper.
Also, you should have a central theme to the paper, as well as specific areas that the paper looks into and analyses. You will need to plan and execute the thesis statement well, in order to understand the whole process. If you plan and execute the paper well, then the rest of your thoughts, understanding, and actual writing will fall into line. You should also remember that this type of paper is persuasive in nature and should lead the reader to a specific ending; your writing and conclusions need to look more realistic, but at the same time definitive.
An ideal view of a thesis statement would be to look at it as a paper that needs to be packed full of accurate and reliable data, which is easily verifiable by the reader; you will not want to write this crucial and critical paper placed on some un-found facts and opinions.
Being in full control of what you are writing and presenting to the reader is a must with this type of paper, and you can not afford to 'slip up' or make a mistake. Your professionalism is important here and you do not want to detract the reader from your understanding and ability to deliver on what you set out to do. If your writing looks unfocused and all over the place, then this will provide a haphazard appearance of your work.
You should take advice from lecturers and professors on the content, flow and clarity of your work, and especially if any comments are made on the structure of your work. If your structure isn't positive and linked together, then this can have negative affects on the reader's impression of what your thesis statement is going to achieve.
A thesis statement is also much of your own work and opinions, and you will be more than likely come into contact with people that will disagree categorically with what you have stated or written. You will need to be able to handle this criticism and opinionated argument, and face them with proof and understanding that what you have stated is true and reflective. Most of all, you will need to be able to 'stand your ground' through the writing in your thesis statement and when you are questioned verbally about your paper.
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