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A Step by Step Guide for Writing Effective Articles By Cindy Garrido

Expert Author Cindy GarridoIf you've been marketing online long enough, you know just how important it is to write articles to promote yourself and your business. However, there are probably times you've written your articles, yet don't have anything to show for it. There's no one visiting your squeeze page, sales page, or anyone buying your products or services. Dejected, you may think that writing articles may be a waste of your time and energy. Well, I'm here to say that there are ways to ensure you spend your time creating effective articles: articles that get read, and where prospects move on to visit your website. Here's how to write effective articles.
Select any topic that is related to your line of work. This can be anything related to your line of business. For example, if you sell shirts online, the following topics may fit (get it, "fit").
- How to find shirt that fit
- The best brands of shirts for elegant outings
- How to choose the right shirt
- Different types of shirts
- Where to find bargains on certain kinds of shirts
- Etc..
Hopefully, you're getting the idea here. Simply focus on topics that you know people interested in your subject matter are asking about. Try and get into the habit of focusing on answering people's questions in your articles.
The title, or headline, is of the utmost importance. It's the difference between getting your article read, or having it be just another one of the articles your prospects filter through on a day to day basis. If your title doesn't stop your reader dead in his or her tracks, you'll never get them to read your article, or click on your link in your resource box, or visit your offer, and/or respond/purchase your products.
In other words, without a compelling title, you'll never make any money!
So, here are several suggestions of titles/headlines for your articles that are designed to stop a prospect from what they're doing and follow your offer all the way to them giving you money by buying your products or services.
- How to...
- The (3,7,9 choose a number) ways you can benefit from (your product's main benefit)
- The top (3,7,9 choose a number) keys to (something related to your subject matter)
- What do (something related to your product) need (like, love, hate, etc.) the most (least, worst, greatest, etc.)?
- What is the best (worst, hardest, lousiest, etc.) way to (something related to your product)
When you first begin to write titles for articles, it may be difficult at first, but you'll soon get the hang of it. In the beginning writing titles may feel a little unnatural, even awkward. But like anything, with practice and repetition, you'll soon get better at the process so that after your 100th or so title, the article titles will develop more easily.
So, don't just sit there, practice it right now. Sit down and write up 100 or so article titles. There no way to get good unless you practice (or pay someone hundreds, if not thousands of dollars to create the right title for you).
It's very important to organize your work, so that your article has a very natural structured flow. Now, this may be different with each article you write, but make sure that you've organized the article well so that readers will have an easy time digesting your information.
I typically like the to follow the structure of:
(1) tell them what you're going to tell them (introduction)
(2) tell them (body)
(3) tell them what you've just told them (conclusion)
I also like to use breaks, lines, and numbers to create a sense of organization in my articles.
I like to write in a conversational matter that comes out as easy and friendly. Don't worry, you're not writing for a scientific journal where you've have to write in perfect prose, with citations to all of your work (unless of course you've actually cited or quoted something). No, you're writing an informative article that, bottom line, is designed to build credibility and/or get them to click your links in your resource box.
So write like you're writing to a friend, and you are simply telling him or her about the information you'd like to get across. And typically you article should fall between 500-700 words for most article directories. Many article directories will not publish you if it's shorter than that. Further, many ezines may not publish your article if it's more than 700 words due it's length.
Your resource box in the life line towards success, and this is how you'll be able to build your business. If you've done your job, the reader is going to want to learn more by visiting your offers.
Simply go online and search the term "article directories" to find the most current list of article directories. Then signup with each one, and follow their specific instructions. When you're done, simply start submitting your article to each directory following their rules.
You'll soon discover that you'll start to receive some traffic from each article. Now traffic may come in spurts, and you may notice that the biggest traffic surges occur when some ezine or newsletter picks up your article for publication.
Let's see just how well your article is doing. If you've created a unique article, then chances are that before you wrote it, you wouldn't have been able to find it in the search engines. For instance, if my article was about "underwater ping pong" and I typed it into Google prior to writing it, I shouldn't be able to find anything. Now after writing the article, do the same thing... in other words, put quotes around your title and plug it into Google's search engine. If it comes up, then you may have an idea of just how many sites have linked to it. Although, I don't know how many people would be interested in "underwater ping pong."
So, to create effective articles that get read and where prospects ultimately visit your website will require that you choose a topic to write about, create a good title, organize your work, and write. Further, you'll have to add your resource box, submit to multiple article directories, and monitor your progress. And this isn't a one time affair. To be effective with article marketing means to consistently create articles that provides a never ending stream of prospects visiting your site. It may be time consuming, but remember, these articles often produce the best qualified leads, and at a very low cost - only your time, effort, and imagination.
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